15th BIOECON: Week One of UK trip

The 15th BIOECON in Cambridge has begun – and so begins my 3 week visit to the UK.

The conference is being held at King’s College, a truly dreadful venue with historic architecture, manicured lawns, ambient atmosphere and delicious food. Horrible.

Tomorrow I’ll be giving my presentation, which I’ve blogged about previously, but you can view the slides below:

BIOECON is proving to be a smashing conference so far – small, but a great mix of people and diverse presentations. A number of people have been surprised to hear I’ve traveled all the way from Australia for this conference (I’m one of two Australians present, the other being my supervisor Stuart Whitten). Well yes it is a long way – but – I’m making the most of it, and am visiting/have visited a number of places along the way:

It’s going to be a crazy few weeks, but I’m excited about meeting new people and catching up with some colleagues I wouldn’t normally see (as well as doing a bit of sight seeing along the way).

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