Recent comments on the EPBC Act

The second decadal review of Australia’s premier environmental legislation, the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) is happening right now. Headed by Professor Graeme Samuel AC, the interim report was due last month, with a final report expected in October.

There has been some decent media coverage leading up to the interim report (whenever that will emerge), including a couple in the Guardian where I’ve been quoted:

  • Morrison government urged to fix flawed environmental offsets leaving threatened species at risk. Adam Morton, The Guardian
  • Scientists fear Coalition’s push to deregulate environmental approvals will lead to extinction crisis. Lisa Cox, The Guardian

My submission can be found on the review website, as well as on the UNSW Public Service Research Group webpage.

Last month, an Australian National Audit Office report into the referrals, assessments and approvals process under the EPBC Act was released. It was rather damning. You can read the full report here, and/or a Twitter thread I wrote (while I was getting my hair done, so please excuse the occasional tweet that is simply “wow” or “omg”)

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