Embrace complexity to improve conservation decision making

I’ve recently published an article with my colleagues Federico Davila, Anne Toomey and Carina Wyborn in Nature Ecology & Evolution, which you can read for free with this link: http://rdcu.be/wnPv

Here we respond to a recent piece by Bill Sutherland and Claire Wordley, which suggested that “evidence complacency” is leading to poor conservation outcomes.

We argue that viewing poor conservation outcomes as simply the result of a deficit of evidence is counterproductive, and overlooks the complex social, political and institutional processes which lead to decisions being made. We suggest that in addition to ensuring decision makers have access to relevant evidence, we need to understand and embrace these complexities if we hope to improve on-ground conservation outcomes.

You can read another response to the original article here, and also a short blog describing our work on the Luc Hoffman Institute website. 


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