Seminar: Assisted natural regeneration is good for the climate, biodiversity, and could make you $$$

Here are the details of a talk I’m giving tomorrow:

The ACT branch of AARES has invited Megan Evans to speak about her new paper “Carbon farming via assisted natural regeneration as a cost-effective mechanism for restoring biodiversity in agricultural landscapes”. The presentation will be followed by questions and informal discussions in the relaxed social setting of the Unipub. Drinks and finger food will be provided.

aaresWhen: Wednesday 15th April, 5:30pm for a 6pm presentation
Where: the Lounge, Level 3 of the Unipub, Cnr London Cct and University Avenue
Cost: this event is free for AARES members and $10 on the night for non-members

Abstract: Carbon farming in agricultural landscapes may provide a cost-effective mechanism for offsetting carbon emissions while delivering co-benefits for biodiversity through ecosystem restoration. Reforestation of landscapes using native tree and shrub species, termed environmental plantings, has been recognized as a carbon offset methodology which can contribute to biodiversity conservation as well as climate mitigation. However, far less attention has been paid to the potential for assisted natural regeneration in areas of low to intermediate levels of degradation, where regenerative capacity still remains and little intervention would be required to restore native vegetation. In this study, we considered the economics of carbon farming in the state of Queensland, Australia, where 30.6 million hectares of relatively recently deforested agricultural landscapes may be suitable for carbon farming.

About the speaker: Megan’s research falls broadly within environmental policy and economics, with a particular interest in the role of economic policy instruments in biodiversity conservation and natural resource management. Megan is a PhD Candidate based at the Fenner School of Environment and Society at the Australian National University.

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