An interdisciplinary approach to evaluating environmental policy: the case of biodiversity offsetting

My presentation given at this week’s North American Society for Conservation Biology (NACCB) Conference held in Missoula, Montana is now on Slideshare:



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  1. Carlos Ferreira Avatar
    Carlos Ferreira

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    A very interesting presentation on the challenges of evaluating biodiversity offsets. It is a timely reminder of how complex the issue is.

  2. […] gave my presentation (see my previous post for the slides) as part of the “Beyond Disciplinary Boundaries: Strategies For Integrative […]

  3. Dear Megan,

    I just came across your blog and really like it! It’s a pitty that it is not that easy to find for people who are interested in Biodiversity Offsets.

    You have some nice articles on offsets in Australia there and thanks also for sharing the slides!
    Would you like to write something about your work on the Biodiversity Offsets Blog? Would be great to hear from your insights!!!

    I have already put a link here and will for sure include your blog in my next post on “blogs on biodiversity offsets” (see the first here

    I have also established a “Young researchers and PhD network on biodiversity offsets” (see which I haven’t promoted so far (as I have just kicked off the blog and am lacking time). The idea would be to present current (and completed) PhDs, master thesis etc. to make the work of young researchers in the field more visible and foster the exchange. Now I know, that you are actually “quite visible” in the offsets field ;o) Still, maybe, you want to give it a go and participate?! Love to hear back from you.

    Cheers, Marianne

    Biodiversity Offsets Blog – A Platform for Information and Exchange on Biodiversity Offsets and the Mitigation Hierarchy:

    1. Hi Marianne,

      Thanks for getting in touch, and great to hear about your new blog on biodiversity offsets. Very happy to write something for the blog. The Young researchers and PhD network is a great initiative and I’d love to be involved!

      Cheers, Megan

      1. Megan,

        sorry for cross-posting to your gina vs. the reef post. I got things mixed up and couldn’t change the comment anymore. (don’t want to spam on your blog ;-))
        Anyway, looking forward to the exchange and your contribution.
        I’ll write you an email on that!

        Cheers, Marianne

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