Environmental offset policy and bridging the science-policy divide

The latest issue of Decision Point magazine features a brief article outlining some the “co-benefits” that have been generated through the collaboration between the Department of the Environment and researchers from the Environmental Decisions Group which resulted in EPBC Act environmental offsets assessment guide.  I’ve previously blogged about this collaboration here, but as mentioned in the article there’s been a few extra things to come out of it:

James Trezise (SEWPaC) explains the EPBC Environmental Offsets Policy guide to the students
James Trezise (Dept of Environment) explains the EPBC Environmental Offsets Policy guide to the students
  • the involvement of a NERP PhD student, Megan Evans (that’s me!) working as a placement in the Department of the Environment to continue to develop offsets evaluation frameworks and processes
  • A collaborative paper led jointly by Department of the Environment staff & NERP researchers entitled: ‘Bridging the Science-Policy Divide through Collaboration: The Development  of the Australian Environmental Offsets Policy’ (currently in review at Environmental Conservation).
  • Department of the Environment staff involvement in undergraduate teaching on the topic of offsets assessment (at the ANU in a course on biodiversity conservation – see my blog here).

You can read the rest of the article here. I hope to be able to share our published paper here soon, and I’m continuing to work on developing an framework for evaluating the outcomes from environmental offsetting as part of my PhD research.

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